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Frequently Asked Questions

Which grades/ages is the Nature Study Collective written for?

Traditionally, elementary and middle school students study the more observable sciences, as covered in this book. However, nature study is done by students of all ages in Charlotte Mason schools. Anyone old enough to notice and ask questions will benefit from the lessons- toddlers up through adults! The lessons are experience-based and open, giving opportunity for all to study nature at their own level.

Is this book for homeschool families, groups, or schools?

All of the above. There is advice for using this book in these different contexts to help educators of every sort implement nature study.

Can my group share this book?

A leader who owns a copy of this book may use it to lead nature study, but it is not permitted to duplicate this book in any way such as sending the digital version and/or printing out additional copies. Each leader who needs a copy must purchase their own. Thank you for supporting this work!

How many lessons are there per topic?

Each of the 14 nature topics contains between 7-20 lessons, some of which should be repeated. Plus, there are two sections with special activities for observing anything you find and for exploring nature trails.

What supplies are required for the lessons?

Each student will need a blank journal and writing/drawing supplies of their choice (pencil, watercolor paints, or colored pencils.) Some lessons also require specific supplies, such as a container for catching critters, a hand shovel, or a magnifying glass. In addition, each topic has suggested read-aloud books and field guides or apps for nature identification.

How much preparation is required for each lesson?

Many families choose to schedule the lessons and locations before the beginning of the term/semester. Most lessons are open and go- grab your copy of the Nature Study Collective and your nature journaling bag on your way outside. A few lessons are projects that use common household items.

What climate and location are the lessons for?

The format of the book allows you to choose the lessons that work for your location and family, but it is geared toward the United States. However, the vast majority of the lessons can be done in other countries and climates. For example, one lesson is specifically about house wrens, which are native to North and South America. The rest of the lessons in the bird chapter are applicable to birds that you come across in your area.

Is this book good for someone new nature study?

Yes! The first chapters of the book explain what nature study is and then give practical guidance, step by step, for doing it with your kids. There are example nature journal entries done by kids, and each lesson is easy to implement even if you know nothing about nature. Background information on the topic is given to equip the parent/educator.

How do I get help with my purchase?

Email We will resolve your issue as soon as possible.

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